Unchangeable Beauty

Growing up, there weren't many days that I didn't see my mom putting on makeup. It wasn't just in the mornings before she went to work, but also on days she spent at home doing laundry or cleaning. When guests were coming over in the evening, she'd be in the bathroom until the last minute, still touching up or powdering her nose when they arrived.... Continue Reading →

The Purpose of Siblings

I'm waiting for the explosion. My boys are playing together, shooting baskets into a little hoop on the back of the door in their room. I can hear them laughing, having fun, high-fiving....then there's some muffled commotion....and here it comes. "OOWW!!" The door flings open, and the youngest boy is chasing his brother down the hall into the living room. He... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Mind Dirt Patches

As I mowed the grass today, I thought about the man who lived on my street when I was about 8 years old. His grass was perfectly manicured -  every inch of it the same height and color, the most beautiful color of green there is. He was always telling us kids not to walk... Continue Reading →

We Are A Baseball Family

This time of year, my living room's extra messy. There are bats standing up against the wall and gloves on the toy shelf. If you walk without looking on the floor, you might trip over a ball or a cleat. But it doesn't drive me nuts like when Legos or Polly Pockets are strewn everywhere. I actually kind of... Continue Reading →

Better Than a Kitchen Floor

Driving along the coast of Oahu seemed like the perfect time to ask.  We would have no interruptions - no chance to change the subject. I had waited for so long to bring it up because I was afraid of the answer, but I knew that it was time to accept whatever his response would be. My heart beat fast, but I turned... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Home

Our first apartment was 900 square feet, and I LOVED it. I remember feeling giddy as the owner showed us around the two bedroom duplex, and then exclaiming "We'll take it!," totally clueless that he'd still have to run a credit check and compare us to other potential tenants. Luckily we got the place, and... Continue Reading →

A Father’s Day Tribute

I just sat down here at my desk to get some work done, but as a little girl is chasing the puppy around the living room trying to get her doll back, and a little boy is yelling at me to adjust the shower for him because the water is too hot, and reminding me... Continue Reading →

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