Hey Teachers, You Deserve a Break!

When a Kit Kat plopped on my desk a couple weeks ago, I couldn't have been more thrilled. I was hungry. With two teenagers and a college kid at home, snacks at my house run out just as fast as I buy them -- and I never have time to go buy more. So a... Continue Reading →

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Half Empty

"You have your hands full." It's something I got used to hearing for the past four years.

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No Filter Needed

I don't want her to see the freckles where the summer sun kissed her face -- and make them disappear.

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Letting Go of FOBO

It just happened again. I had the same conversation with one mom as I've had with several others as summer is ending. "I just feel like we didn't do enough," she said. I responded with "Oh, I'm sure you did plenty," but as much as I can try to convince someone else, I'm having a... Continue Reading →

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The Journey of Motherhood

For 18 years, I've been living with one man. Hanging one man's shirts. Sorting one man's socks (and picking his dirty ones up off of the floor). Folding one man's underwear. Last week, that man found another pair of men's underwear in his drawer. "These are not mine!" He said. But instead of freaking out... Continue Reading →

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Too Much Space

"Man, I'm tired," my husband yawned the other morning. "Anna was kicking me all night long." I just smiled and shrugged. The thing is at 6 years old, she only hops into our bed now a couple times a week, and when she's not there, it almost feels empty. For the first 13 years as parents... Continue Reading →

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Dear Son: You are Not the Best

Last year for six months, the sound of a tug boat -- sometimes a tug boat blowing into a foghorn -- traveled from my son's room and filled our whole house. In 5th grade, he was told to practice his saxophone every night for 20 minutes, and he refused to miss a night, even when we said it was okay to miss... Continue Reading →

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The Purpose of Siblings

I'm waiting for the explosion. My boys are playing together, shooting baskets into a little hoop on the back of the door in their room. I can hear them laughing, having fun, high-fiving....then there's some muffled commotion....and here it comes. "OOWW!!" The door flings open, and the youngest boy is chasing his brother down the hall into the living room. He... Continue Reading →

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We Are A Baseball Family

This time of year, my living room's extra messy. There are bats standing up against the wall and gloves on the toy shelf. If you walk without looking on the floor, you might trip over a ball or a cleat. But it doesn't drive me nuts like when Legos or Polly Pockets are strewn everywhere. I actually kind of... Continue Reading →

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My Little Self

It's been a long, cold winter, and I'm a lot softer and paler than I was when this season started. So the other day when I looked in the bathroom mirror, I couldn't help but  groan at what I saw. "Ugh...I look horrible!" I said out loud. And a little voice that came from a place as high as my waist... Continue Reading →

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Preserving My Family’s Legacy

I never knew either of my grandfathers. By the time I was born, one had already passed away and the other died not long after, so I was never able to experience grandpa things like sitting on their laps, or laughing at their jokes, or hearing them talk about what life was like when they... Continue Reading →

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