The Gift of 40

For days and even weeks after my 40th birthday, I received apologies. "I'm sorry I didn't get you something special for your 40th," and "Shoot, we should have gone somewhere for your 40th," and, "Maybe we should do something for your 40.5!" What's funny is that despite not opening any huge presents, having a big party, or basking... Continue Reading →


There are few places that make me feel happy the moment I walk through the door. One is my parents' house - where I grew up and feel unconditional love and can open the fridge and eat or drink whatever I want. Another is my own home, where my husband and I have made new memories with our kids and we... Continue Reading →

The Purpose of Siblings

I'm waiting for the explosion. My boys are playing together, shooting baskets into a little hoop on the back of the door in their room. I can hear them laughing, having fun, high-fiving....then there's some muffled commotion....and here it comes. "OOWW!!" The door flings open, and the youngest boy is chasing his brother down the hall into the living room. He... Continue Reading →

Moving On

On a beautiful fall morning last week, I took my daughter to the zoo. I planned to enjoy the day with only her, away from her two school-aged brothers who demand my attention as soon as they get home. But instead of being focused on her, I was preoccupied by all the other mommies. The younger ones.... Continue Reading →

Am I Nuts for Wanting More?

Last month, a friend of mine came in town for a work conference and asked me to join her as a guest to the mid-week conference reception. Not only was I happy to be spending an evening with her; I was thrilled to be getting out of the house and heading into the "big city"; thrilled to be... Continue Reading →

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