Missing Malcolm

Fifteen years ago, my family discovered a show that made us laugh together. It was about a couple raising four boys, and it aired on Sunday nights. Malcolm seemed to be the only normal one in a family of crazy people, and the story was told from his perspective. "Hey, are you going to mom and... Continue Reading →

Mean Girls, Back Fat and a Flat Chest

I was 16 when I burst into my mom's office at the school board building, beside myself with confusion and sadness. "I don't know where I belong!" I cried. After bouncing back and forth between Catholic and public high school three times, I still didn't have an answer. It's not that I didn't have friends.... Continue Reading →

I’m Not Ashamed of Cahokia

Within seconds of it being on the news, word spread fast that a guy who grew up at the same time and same place that I did just got busted for operating a meth lab in a Cahokia house. Comments about it were of course all over Facebook, but the one that stood out to me was something... Continue Reading →

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