So You’re Getting Married…

Planning a wedding is such an exciting time. Choosing your bridesmaids, your color scheme, where to have your reception - it's all so much fun. And that fiancé of yours...isn't he a catch? You probably get butterflies in your stomach when he kisses you, or as soon as he walks in the door. It would... Continue Reading →

Why All I Know is Enough

I felt sorry for the girl sitting to my left. Sure, she had scored a stellar venue for a first date: Fourth row from the field at a St. Louis Cardinals playoff game. But she couldn’t possibly have known when she accepted the invitation that for three hours of her life, she’d be in the... Continue Reading →

A Father’s Day Tribute

I just sat down here at my desk to get some work done, but as a little girl is chasing the puppy around the living room trying to get her doll back, and a little boy is yelling at me to adjust the shower for him because the water is too hot, and reminding me... Continue Reading →

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