4 Moms Who Deserve My Apology

It was easy to think I knew everything about being a parent before I had kids, and even after I had just one. Sometimes people did things differently than I would, and in many instances, different meant wrong. It wasn't until I had three kids of my own that I found out how many people I had misjudged, because not only is each child different, but each... Continue Reading →

I almost spit out my water as I read a private message from my friend last week. "How do you keep your house so clean?" She couldn't be talking about me. Or was this an April Fool's joke? When I asked her what she was talking about, she said she had seen a picture of my kids... Continue Reading →

Dear Son: You are Not the Best

Last year for six months, the sound of a tug boat -- sometimes a tug boat blowing into a foghorn -- traveled from my son's room and filled our whole house. In 5th grade, he was told to practice his saxophone every night for 20 minutes, and he refused to miss a night, even when we said it was okay to miss... Continue Reading →

Mean Girls, Back Fat and a Flat Chest

I was 16 when I burst into my mom's office at the school board building, beside myself with confusion and sadness. "I don't know where I belong!" I cried. After bouncing back and forth between Catholic and public high school three times, I still didn't have an answer. It's not that I didn't have friends.... Continue Reading →

Moving On

On a beautiful fall morning last week, I took my daughter to the zoo. I planned to enjoy the day with only her, away from her two school-aged brothers who demand my attention as soon as they get home. But instead of being focused on her, I was preoccupied by all the other mommies. The younger ones.... Continue Reading →

We Are A Baseball Family

This time of year, my living room's extra messy. There are bats standing up against the wall and gloves on the toy shelf. If you walk without looking on the floor, you might trip over a ball or a cleat. But it doesn't drive me nuts like when Legos or Polly Pockets are strewn everywhere. I actually kind of... Continue Reading →

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