Letting Go of FOBO

It just happened again. I had the same conversation with one mom as I've had with several others as summer is ending. "I just feel like we didn't do enough," she said. I responded with "Oh, I'm sure you did plenty," but as much as I can try to convince someone else, I'm having a... Continue Reading →

Dear Son: You are Not the Best

Last year for six months, the sound of a tug boat -- sometimes a tug boat blowing into a foghorn -- traveled from my son's room and filled our whole house. In 5th grade, he was told to practice his saxophone every night for 20 minutes, and he refused to miss a night, even when we said it was okay to miss... Continue Reading →

The Purpose of Siblings

I'm waiting for the explosion. My boys are playing together, shooting baskets into a little hoop on the back of the door in their room. I can hear them laughing, having fun, high-fiving....then there's some muffled commotion....and here it comes. "OOWW!!" The door flings open, and the youngest boy is chasing his brother down the hall into the living room. He... Continue Reading →

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