Letting Go of FOBO

It just happened again. I had the same conversation with one mom as I've had with several others as summer is ending. "I just feel like we didn't do enough," she said. I responded with "Oh, I'm sure you did plenty," but as much as I can try to convince someone else, I'm having a... Continue Reading →

The Journey of Motherhood

For 18 years, I've been living with one man. Hanging one man's shirts. Sorting one man's socks (and picking his dirty ones up off of the floor). Folding one man's underwear. Last week, that man found another pair of men's underwear in his drawer. "These are not mine!" He said. But instead of freaking out... Continue Reading →

Too Much Space

"Man, I'm tired," my husband yawned the other morning. "Anna was kicking me all night long." I just smiled and shrugged. The thing is at 6 years old, she only hops into our bed now a couple times a week, and when she's not there, it almost feels empty. For the first 13 years as parents... Continue Reading →

When Will Daddy Be Home?

It used to be me who asked. After hours of feeding, wiping, changing, bathing and feeding again, I'd  look up at the clock and mumble with gritted teeth, "When will Daddy be home?" In the early days, it was hard. I did everything I could to be a fun mommy. I set up a little... Continue Reading →

Keeping Control of My Happiness

When my youngest, Anna started kindergarten, I thought we'd both be thrilled. She had talked all summer about using her new lunchbox and riding the bus like her brothers, and after having been home for 12 years with kids, I was ready for a quiet house. When the time came to go, she walked right... Continue Reading →

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